Tradition: The Concept and Its Claim Upon Us

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True unity among men must have its roots in that common participation in the holy tradition reaching back to an utterance of God Himself… One wonders whether tradition is not actually anti-historical. It stands in stark contrast to the most impressive and most visible strand of the historical process, namely, the ever-advancing scientific investigation of [...]

Chesterton and the Meaning of Education

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“It is typical of our time,” Chesterton wrote, “that the more doubtful we are about the value of philosophy, the more certain we are about the value of education. That is to say, the more doubtful we are about whether we have any truth, the more certain we are (apparently) that we can teach it [...]

How Reading Josef Pieper Can Help You Stay Sane

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Josef Pieper Also, the range of his wisdom is most impressive.  Some of the titles I have read and re-read and actually use in classes include: In Defense of Philosophy—It is difficult to explain to people who have ever met a “professional philosopher” that this lot has seriously perverted what real philosophy is, and [...]

The Virtues and Vices of Courage: Josef Pieper:

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Josef Pieper “Fortitude without justice is a source of evil.”—St. Thomas Aquinas The great moralists tell us that a person’s strength is often the source of his greatest weakness, whether it is business acumen, artistic creativity, or physical excellence. Any of these things can be exercised too much or in the wrong way. [...]

Pieper on Justice

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Josef Pieper Selected by Bradley J. Birzer Justice is the principle which makes our civil social order possible: and Dr. Pieper’s piercing essay is designed to refresh this generation’s memory of the meaning of that great word. “To each his own”; this classical definition remains the best expression of the concept. Relating the [...]

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