joseph pearceThere are liars; there are damned liars; and there are those who preach evil in the name of love. Take, for instance, the mantra that love has no boundaries, which is one of the soundbites of the homosexist lobby. As with John Lennon’s mantra that all we need is love, it is difficult to argue with a sentiment that seems to make so much sense. Of course we all need love. We wither and decay in its absence. And, at first glance, it’s difficult to argue with the claim that love has no boundaries. Doesn’t love break down barriers between races and classes, and between people in general? Doesn’t it heal the divisions which its absence causes?

Yes, love does indeed break down the boundaries between people but, and here’s the paradox, it does so because it is itself bound. Love accepts and embraces the boundaries imposed by the necessity of self-sacrifice. Love is the voluntary laying down of our lives for the beloved. It is sacrificing ourselves for others. It is not doing what we want to do but what we should do. It is surrendering our freedom to do what we like so that we can do what our conscience demands. It is binding ourselves to virtue so that we can be free from the consequences of vice. In Christian terms, it is the taking up of our own personal crosses, embracing the burden because the acceptance of suffering is the path to freedom.

The fact is that love does have boundaries. It cannot exist without boundaries. It doesn’t demand its rights but accepts its responsibilities. It is inextricably bound to responsibility.

And there’s no need to take my word for it. Let’s take the Word’s word for it. God himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, bound himself to all sorts of boundaries. He bound himself in human flesh. He allowed himself to be bound to the cross, bound hand and foot with nails that pierced his flesh. He sacrificed himself for those he loved in order to show us that love is the sacrifice of ourselves for others.

Does love have boundaries? You can bet your eternal life that it does!

A refusal to accept the boundaries that love imposes is a refusal of love itself. It’s a turning of our back on love.

The irony is, however, that the homosexists are neither liars, nor indeed damned liars, when they claim that love has no boundaries. They really believe that it is true. They are, however, preaching evil in the name of love because the “love” of which they speak is not really love at all. It is something entirely different. What they call “love” is nothing more than sexual attraction. It might indeed be true that sexual attraction has no boundaries. It is entirely possible that one’s passions and feelings can become so corrupt that we can be sexually attracted to all sorts of people and things. It is, for instance, not surprising that homosexist fundamentalists and other sexual liberationists are advocates of pedophilia and bestiality. After all, if we’re going to be true to the mantra that love has no boundaries, why should we accept the boundaries imposed by age or species? If it’s all about sexual attraction and the gratification of our sexual desires, why should we temper those desires on the grounds of ancient taboos against sex with children or animals? If we recoil in horror at the thought of such things, aren’t we guilty of bigotry? Worse still, are we not guilty of some sort of psychological pathology? Are we not “pedophobic” or “bestophobic”? Should we not be getting in touch with the pedophile or the bestial within ourselves so that we can be liberated from our hang-ups?

Although this line of reasoning will no doubt be dismissed by some as going too far, being nothing more than the rhetorical use of the reductio ad absurdum to make a point, we should be aware of where the logic of the “no boundaries” philosophy actually leads. Previous generations would have thought it unthinkable that the demand for sexual “liberation” would lead to the legalization of infanticide. It would have been inconceivable to our grandparents that governments would condone the killing of babies so that people could fornicate freely. It would have been inconceivable to our parents that governments would destroy the very institution of marriage so that homosexuals could have equal rights. One day, if the “no boundaries” tyranny is not resisted, our own children will live with the reality of legalized pedophilia which we might find inconceivable.

In order to resist those who preach evil in the name of “love,” we might have to show the meaning of true love, laying down our lives for our friends and our enemies. We might have to sacrifice ourselves so that others might know that love has boundaries and that those very boundaries are the very foundations of real freedom, and the very essence of love itself.

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