Homosexual Unions

The State vs. the Normal Good of Normal People

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What happens when our nation’s fundamental principles or standards are rejected? Jennifer Roback Morse’s new book, The Sexual State, is a lively and forceful examination of where we came from, where we are now, and where we ought to be on matters of human life… Genesis tells us that man was created “male and female.” [...]

Oscar Wilde: “Gay” Icon or “Homophobe”?

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It is time to whisper the truth that dare not speak its name. In short, it’s time to face the real facts about Oscar Wilde and his real views on homosexuality… It was with a queer sense of déjà vu that I heard the news that a “temple” in homage to Oscar Wilde has [...]

The Supreme Court’s Most Unprecedented Case?

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In the case of United States v. Windsor, the Supreme Court found that the Constitution required formal, legal, and constitutional recognition of homosexual marriage. And yet if the Court had followed its own precedents, it would have ruled that Edith Windsor lacked the legal standing to file her original lawsuit... In Lawrence v. Texas (2003), [...]

The Right to Create Your Own Universe?

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The Supreme Court apotheosized the right of privacy in its now-famous words: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life”… Editor’s Note: This essay continues a discussion of the Supreme Court’s sexual “right of privacy” cases, [...]

Sacred Truths in a Profane World

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One after another, the sacred spaces that our customs have protected are invaded and spoiled. That which has been assumed to be unquestionable, indeed protected from the questions that might profane it, is for that very reason subjected to question... In America and across Europe, the business of government has been detached from religious faith. This [...]

The “Masterpiece” Decision: Half a Cake Is Better Than None

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Though Masterpiece is a decision upholding religious liberty, the Supreme Court’s ruling makes it clear that free speech about homosexuality does not enjoy broad protections… In the first of two momentous cases on its docket as to whether some Americans can be left alone as dissenters from the punishing orthodoxies of the progressive society and [...]

Miasmic Misreadings: Exposing Shakespeare Abuse

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To attempt to mould William Shakespeare into the image of what Evelyn Waugh called “our own deplorable epoch” is not merely absurd, it disqualifies those endeavouring to do so from being taken seriously as scholars or critics… There are few things more onerous in the field of literary criticism than the constant abuse of [...]

Why Christians Are the Real Freaks

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The narrative of the film The Greatest Showman is familiar, but the narrative is wrong. It insists that there is this creative and wonderful minority of show freaks that is being kept down by the haters because of who they are. But in actuality, faithful Christians are the freaks, not the LGBTs… Hollywood has produced a [...]

Why Not Wife-Swapping?

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In December, the Supreme Court decided not to hear a case that proposed to extend the Court’s sexual freedom cases to wife-swapping. In Coker v. Whittington, two sheriff’s deputies in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, and their wives agreed to swap spouses, and each deputy began living with the opposite deputy’s wife. Invoking his office’s code [...]

Of Cakes, Coercion, and the Constitution

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If governments can directly instruct families about what to believe concerning homosexuality and about the correct frame of mind to have in conducting daily business, it is hard think that the policies and practices of religious schools and other institutions, like hospitals, will be left alone... In Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 decision of the [...]

Understanding the Human Person: Science, Faith, & Reason

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The empirical sciences are fantastic for discovering many things, but intellectual and moral truths are not among them. We must turn instead to the principles of philosophy and ethics, deduced from the objective moral standard of truth, to discover the answer to the questions about how we ought to live… The modern world is [...]

Conservatives & Education Reform: Lessons from the Marriage Battle

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One of the key components in the overthrow of traditional marriage was the skillful and persistent use of a handful of relatively simple rhetorical strategies by the reformers… The battle the left conducted against the confirmation of Elizabeth DeVos as President Trump’s Secretary of Education attained a level of toxic bitterness that was both [...]

Florists & Freedom of Conscience

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I have signed onto a friend of the court brief urging the Washington Supreme Court to reverse a lower court decision in the case of State of Washington v. Arlene’s Flowers.* In this case, the court found Mrs. Baronelle Stutzman guilty of unlawful discrimination for declining to design custom floral arrangements for a same-sex [...]