The Left vs. Human Nature

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Human nature exists, and we cannot deal with life in a sensible way without accepting that. So the question we face is how to overcome an outlook that categorically rejects the very concept and is deeply rooted in the way the people who dominate our political life understand the world… Today’s offering in our [...]

Christians & the Revolutionary State

By |2017-06-23T20:50:24-05:00June 24th, 2017|Categories: Catholicism, Government, Morality, Politics|

Our support for health, education, and welfare must take some form other than support for state systems that serve intrinsically destructive goals… To what extent should Christians support an essentially evil government? The question is unaccustomed. The Church views government as natural and necessary, and she normally favors obedience even to tyrannical governments as [...]

Tradition: Worthy of Being Ignored?

By |2018-10-11T16:28:39-05:00August 18th, 2016|Categories: Catholicism, Culture War, Tradition|

In a recent essay I noted that tradition is not self-contained or absolute. It’s complex, so that superior, subordinate, and parallel traditions often come into conflict. Local tradition may say one thing, Church or national tradition quite another. Also, tradition is not about itself but about goods toward which it’s oriented, so it’s relative to something [...]

Downplaying Doctrine

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Man is a rational animal. That does not mean he is always reasonable, but it does mean that his actions are guided by what he believes about the world and how it hangs together. Reality comes first for him, or at least it should and often does. That is one reason love of God—of the Most [...]

Conservatism: Its Meaning and Prospects

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Conservatism at bottom is resistance to the technocratic project, the modern attempt to turn the social world into a sort of universal machine for the maximum satisfaction of preferences. That project has been growing up for a long time. It comes out of an understanding of knowledge and the world with its roots in the [...]

Good Sense, Conservatism and Faith

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Is religious faith necessary for conservatism? A more basic question is whether it is necessary for good sense, since it is for the sake of good sense that we are conservative. If it were otherwise, conservatism would be a hobby or an ideology, and it is neither; it is simply the appearance good sense takes [...]

Out of the Antiworld of Liberal Modernity

By |2014-01-29T14:14:11-06:00October 13th, 2013|Categories: Liberalism, Modernity, Politics|Tags: , |

Recent liberal successes, such as the ongoing redefinition of marriage to include same-sex relationships, dramatize the failure of social conservatism in public discussion. What is most striking to conservatives about the situation is the conviction among intelligent and influential people that conservative social views are altogether baseless, so that adherence to them is an [...]

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