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John M. Gist

John M. Gist
John M. Gist's poems, creative nonfiction, short stories, and philosophical dialogues have appeared in publications such as Poetry Pacific, Academic Questions, New Oxford Review, Stoneboat, Wilderness House, Galway Review, Dr. T.J Eckleburg Review, Superstition Review, Gravel, Pithead Chapel, New Mexico Magazine, and many others. Dr. Gist is Chair of the Humanities Department at Western New Mexico University.
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If a democracy drifts into unlimited notions of freedom, the best course of action is not to strip citizens of freedom, but rather to educate them, so that they can correct any constitutional abuses that contributed or led the way to the abyss of nihilism... Introduction
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Do you believe in a higher power, something that transcends the “human organism”? If this question is trivialized or ignored, we enter the very sound and soul of despair... Anthropology is the scientific study of human beings....