About Kenneth Odom

Mr. Ken Odom is a business executive, educator, and community leader based near Houston, Texas. Currently a doctoral student in Faulkner University's Great Books Honors Program, Mr. Odom's interests are in the revival of classical education and contemplation of the questions that such education engenders.

How Aristotle Got Virtue Wrong

By |2019-04-04T12:03:50-05:00June 2nd, 2018|Categories: Aristotle, Character, Christianity, Community, Philosophy, Plato, Socrates, Virtue|

Aristotle’s reasoning about virtue, with its emphasis on man’s relationship to his own soul and man’s ability to perfect his own virtue, opened a path to relativism and radical individualism… All philosophical inquiry is united by two foundational elements. First the philosopher acknowledges that man’s existence is defined by his relationships. While philosophers may differ [...]

God’s Attributes: The True Measure of Fine Art

By |2017-09-29T10:39:28-05:00June 20th, 2017|Categories: Art, Beauty, Christianity, Culture, Featured|

Fine art does not set out to entertain. Instead, fine art seeks to summon one to worship, for contemplation of God’s control, authority, and presence is indeed worship… Before the world was digitized and messaging was made instant via the ubiquity of supercomputers carried in each person’s pocket or purse, written communication was facilitated by [...]

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