Joseph Haydn

Music for Holy Week and Easter

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Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords our readers the opportunity to join Stephen Klugewicz, as he provides musical suggestions for listening during Holy Week and the Easter season. —W. Winston Elliott III, Publisher Though Handel’s Messiah rightly reigns supreme as the king of music for Easter, there are many other seasonal masterpieces [...]

“I Must Ever Weep”: Haydn’s Musical Elegy to Mozart

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"I love him too much." —Joseph Haydn, about his friend Wolfgang Mozart "Joseph Haydn with Mozart," by V. Janschiek Wolfgang Mozart and Joseph Haydn were the two masters of the Classical Period of music history; indeed, they helped to define that age, by giving shape to its central compositional forms: the symphony, the [...]

Haydn’s Music of Gratitude and Goodness

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Franz Joseph Haydn is the most companionable composer. His music is accessible in an almost daily way, without overwhelming us. The whole panoply of life is there but in scale, humanely so, without grotesque exaggeration... May 31st marks the anniversary of Franz Joseph Haydn’s death in 1809 at the age of 77. He was so [...]

Good Words on a Good Friday

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The “Seven Last Words of Christ” can seen as the verbal expression of an interior reality: namely, the mind of Christ, as formed according to a deeply ingrained, habitual life practice of living mindfully according to the Lord’s Prayer… Holy Week is an especially fruitful time for prayerful meditation. There are many liturgical events [...]

A Model for Mozart? Michael Haydn’s Requiem

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The 1984 film Amadeus brought to the general public's attention that many minor composers of music—such as Antonio Salieri, the rival of Wolfgang Mozart depicted in the movie—have been forgotten by history. "This boy will cast us all into oblivion," German composer Johann Adolf Hasse is said to have uttered upon witnessing a performance by [...]

Music of War and Remembrance: Ten Classical Music Pieces

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Across the centuries, composers have been inspired by the twin dramas of human conflict and the subsequent making of peace. Here are ten great pieces of classical music that dramatize war, celebrate its resolution, and recall its sacrifices. 10. Franz Liszt: The Battle of the Huns One of the composer's many tone poems, Franz Liszt's Hunnenschlacht—written in [...]

Haydn’s “Philosopher” Symphony: An Anthem for Imaginative Conservatives

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In essence, The Imaginative Conservative is a community of philosophers, dedicated to examining and understanding God’s creation. What better anthem for this journal than Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn’s remarkable Symphony No. 22 in E flat major, known as the “Philosopher” Symphony? Though the nickname was probably not Haydn’s, it was given to the work during [...]

Mozart’s Favorite Composer: A Primer on Franz Joseph Haydn

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“He alone has the secret of making me smile and touching me to the bottom of my soul.” —W.A. Mozart on Franz Joseph Haydn He has been called “the poor man’s Mozart.” Though nearly every educated music lover acknowledges him as one of the great composers, few concert-going regulars can name just one of [...]