Does the Mainstream Media Still Shape Public Opinion?

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Never has anyone ruled on this earth by basing his rule on any other thing than public opinion. In these words, Jose Ortega y Gassett, most famous for a book entitled Revolt of the Masses, affirmed the eternal truth and problem of rule by consent. Ortega y Gassett, a classical liberal theorist from Spain, spent [...]

Why Is the Media So Liberal?

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I recall seeing a political cartoon that contrasted the way the media treated Tim Tebow versus how it treated Jason Collins, the first openly-homosexual NBA player. It depicted Tebow saying: “I’m a Christian,” and the reporter turns his back to him and walks away muttering: “Keep it to yourself.” Next to that picture, Collins is [...]

The Christian Adventure Stories of Mark Adderley

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Last month, I was fortunate enough to once again work at the Kansas City Catholic Homeschool Conference.  As I was setting up my table, a couple sat down at the table next to mine and began to set up their table for the conference. We introduced ourselves and ended up chatting throughout the two-day event. [...]

Lapham’s Quarterly: A Magazine for an Anxious Age

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Lewis H. Lapham of Hearst Magazine fame is a man on a mission. Recently at an event in Washington, D.C. sponsored by the Hirshhorn Museum, called “Days of Endless Time,” Mr. Lapham plumbed the depths of time in lighthearted, humorous banter with two writers. The conversation gave a peek into the rich literary world of Mr. Lapham’s New York-based magazine, Lapham’s [...]

Studies in Burke and His Time

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The scholarly journal Studies in Burke and His Time appeared originally, under the title The Burke Newsletter, in 1959. In 2002, the newly established Edmund Burke Society of America decided to revive the title, which had by then been in abeyance for some years, and, since that time, three issues (2005, 2007, and 2011) have [...]

The Conservative Adventure

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Please forgive the following rambles. I’m in Louisville, ready to work with the mighty Gary Gregg again today. Last night, I had the great privilege of speaking with a number of his excellent McConnell Fellows for nearly two hours about Eliot’s Ash Wednesday and another ninety minutes on Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring. I [...]

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