Belief and the Public Square

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Heart of the World, Center of the Church: Communio, Ecclesiology, Liberalism, and Liberation, by David L. Schindler Queen Victoria’s first prime minister, William Lamb, Viscount Melbourne, cultivated an elegant indifference to matters of the soul. “Things have come to a pretty pass,” he once remarked, “when religion is permitted to invade the sphere of private [...]

Philosopher of Love: David L. Schindler

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David L. Schindler For the orthodox Christian, is doing one’s public duty more or less reducible to voting for the most socially conservative Republican on the ballot—and then shutting up about whatever misgivings one might have? Surely not. Yet for many election cycles, this has been often implied by the self-appointed guardians of [...]

Mozart: Mirth and Freedom in The Magic Flute

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Wolfgang Mozart Indeed no words can better be used to describe Mozart’s music than “sublime” and “natural.” Beethoven is heroic, tragic—although at the end, he too can be sublime, with the autumnal serenity of a warrior turned contemplative; Bach erects his marvelously ornate cathedrals of sound—and occasionally he too passes into a timeless [...]

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