The Christian Humanism of Steven Wilson’s “Hand. Cannot. Erase.”

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English musician Steven Wilson’s Hand. Cannot. Erase is extraordinary by the standards of any genre. His subject matter is the uniqueness of each human person, and he focuses on the life of one lost soul... An Incarnational Whole One of the greatest things in this whirligig of a world—however fraught with a string of perilous [...]

What the Devil to Do About Halloween?

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What are the historical roots of Halloween? Should Christians celebrate this holiday? And if so, how?… Not that the Mass of the day has mention of black cats, or the Divine Office of witches, but for so long Halloween meant nothing but parties and vandalism that when someone first proposed that it came out [...]

Anthropology and the Death of the Individual

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Do you believe in a higher power, something that transcends the “human organism”? If this question is trivialized or ignored, we enter the very sound and soul of despair… Anthropology is the scientific study of human beings. Philosophy, literally translated, is the love of wisdom. Philosophical anthropology, then, is the scientific study of humans [...]

Little Miss Frankenstein: A Teenage Girl Caught in the Culture of Death

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The eleven months during which Mary Shelley worked on Frankenstein were almost as macabre in real life as was the unfolding of the plot in the teenager’s fevered imagination… I’ve recently taught a course on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a work which, for all its flaws, continues to grip the popular imagination. What is it [...]

Trudeau’s Cognitive Dissonance: Euthanasia and the Holocaust

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The soft totalitarian roots of Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government are becoming increasingly transparent through its dismissing of the central truth that builds up society: the life of every person must be safeguarded and protected… Terezín. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Majdanek. Treblinka. These places of suffering, even their very names, signify what Eva Hoffman calls the “abrupt [...]

G.K. Chesterton’s “A Ballade of Suicide”

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Do not expect G.K. Chesterton's ballade to be any kind of love poem–he wants to something else instead, to raise your eyebrow, not to say hairs on end... G.K. Chesterton published "A Ballade of Suicide" in his journal, The Eye-Witness, September 21, 1911. This is a ballade, an old French form comprising three octets and a [...]

The Passing of a King

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I would see him from time to time at Catholic events and meetings in Washington D.C. He was a seven-foot-tall African gentleman who was always very courteous and soft-spoken. He had a stately bearing that was at the same time dignified and disarming. I am told he was very pious and could often be [...]

Spinoza & the Stoics on Suicide

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Euthanasia and physician-assisted death is a topic much in the news these days. After the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent ruling, the Canadian government is busy with legislation overseeing such practices. Perhaps the viewpoint of an ancient school of philosophical thought, Stoicism, may aid contemporary reflections on the matter of physician-assisted suicide, especially since [...]

The Past

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Thou unrelenting Past! Strong are the barriers round thy dark domain, And fetters, sure and fast, Hold all that enter thy unbreathing reign. Far in thy realm withdrawn Old empires sit in sullenness and gloom, And glorious ages gone Lie deep within the shadow of thy womb. […]