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David Lawrence Levine is a tutor at St. John's College. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Pennsylvania State University and Master's degrees in Philosophy and Art History. Dr. Levine is the author of Profound Ignorance: Plato’s Charmides and the Saving of Wisdom and has contributed to The Envisioned Life: Essays in Honor of Eva Brann and Leo Strauss: Political Philosopher and Jewish Thinker

Humanity Dehumanized: Hegel’s Reflections on the Enlightenment & the French Revolution

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The Enlightenment, that is modern reason, failed us in part, Hegel shows, both for the history it left behind and the legacy it bequeathed us. Indeed it brought us and spirit to the point of self-destruction... Editor's Note: This essay is part of a series dedicated to Senior Contributor Dr. Eva Brann of St. John’s College, Annapolis, in [...]