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Emily Kleinhenz

Emily Kleinhenz
Emily Kleinhenz is a student in Houston Baptist University’s Honors College, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double-major in English and Latin. Miss Kleinhenz also interns at The Imaginative Conservative.
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Analytic philosophy is limited in its scope regarding the knowledge of God. Richard Swinburne, a British contemporary philosopher influential for his arguments for the existence of God, admits the limitations of his field in his lecture, “What We...
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Although the prospect of death makes us miserable, it forces us to confront our mortality and search for a remedy, if we do not immediately numb ourselves with the drug of distraction... "Soles occidere et...
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"Since that night, I have a fire within me, which I cannot quench. I tried knowing God through reason. But now I must share the truth and the certainty that God has confirmed in my heart. I never thought a sense of peace and the passion of...