L. Joseph Hebert, Jr.

L. Joseph Hebert, Jr.
Dr. Joseph Hebert teaches Political Science and pre-law at St. Ambrose University. A summa cum laude graduate of The University of Maine, he completed his graduate studies at The University of Toronto in 2003. Dr. Hebert is the author of More than Kings and Less than Men: Tocqueville on the Promise and Perils of Democratic Individualism, and the co-editor of The Soul of Statesmanship: Shakespeare on Nature, Virtue, and Political Wisdom and Alexis de Tocqueville and the Art of Democratic Statesmanship.
La Vierge aux Anges

In a world ringing with noise and suffused with the more or less artful idolizing of passions divorced from objective goods, where are we to find melodies capable of penetrating our hardened hearts with spiritual truths?
Thomas More
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As the gulf between classical and postmodern notions of conscience and government grows ever wider and their clashes more explosive, it is high time for the jury to give renewed attention to the nuances of Thomas More’s understanding of the apparently competing, but ultimately harmonious, demands of divine, natural, and...