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After tainting Oedipus, Sigmund Freud goes even further in his defaming of virtuous characters in literature, dragging the noble Hamlet through the same ignoble mire of his smutty, sex-obsessed imagination... The ignorant pronounce it Frood, to cavil or applaud. The well-informed pronounce it Froyd, But I pronounce it Fraud. —G.K. Chesterton...
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Making art is a mode of revealing the world in new ways... For the past two weeks, I’ve been writing about the opportunity to make a new Catholic culture, not from scratch and not from attempts to...
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Man, it is often said, cannot jump over his own shadow. The poet—and by "poet" I mean a writer of imaginative works in verse or prose—leaps over the universe... Sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper et in saecula saeculorum. I
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A Reflection on Three Questions Concerning the Re-telling of Sacred Stories and of Myths (An Academically Disreputable Inquiry) Questions:
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Antigones, by George Steiner (Clarendon Press, 1984; Oxford Paperback, 1986) Anyone who has reread the Antigone about as often as is profitable for the time being might consider turning to this book. The curious...
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And yet I seem to know this simple truth: If the bestowing of the famous armor Had rested with Achilles while he lived, To give them as a war-prize to the bravest, No rival then would have filched them from...
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Sophocles: The Theban Plays, translated by David R. Slavitt This is the most stripped-down version of the three Theban plays of Sophocles that I have read. As I write, I am surrounded by...