On the Fear of Religion

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Blaise Pascal wrote that men hate religion and “are afraid it is true.” But can we agree with him? Some have made clear a hatred for it, but do they fear it? And what about the wider culture? Do people today, generally speaking, fear religion? The renowned physicist Stephen Hawking once heckled that the idea [...]

Blaise Pascal: The Mathematical and the Intuitive Mind

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Blaise Pascal’s argument in favor of Christianity was simple: Faith is so perceptible, even so palpable, to the intuition that man needs only to be in the world to realize that there must be more. Christianity has a direct connection to the heart; as Pascal said, “the heart has its reasons, which reason does not know”... [...]

How to Know if You’re a Fool

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In a world calling our students to distraction, Blaise Pascal is willing to shout at them about what is at stake. How might you avoid being a fool? Start by thinking about the hard things, then seek understanding with everything you’ve got. I’m not sure there’s a more important author for teenagers right now than [...]

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