Is God Dead… or Is It Nietzsche?

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The world has been and will continue to be overwhelmingly traditionally religious, whatever intellectuals like Nietzsche might have expected to the contrary, thus confirming those philosophers who contend that all civilizations must be supported by such moral frameworks… San Diego State University recently announced what it called perhaps the largest ever study of American [...]

Surprised by Faith: My Moroccan Odyssey

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There I, a convinced atheist, stood alone in a sandy and windy world, devoid of water, trees, or anything that seemed to be alive. And I couldn’t help but wonder what madness had overcome me… The most fateful university holiday I ever experienced was way back in February 1988. Yes, during that magical and [...]

Imagine No Religion

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When there is no religion, the religion that exists in the vacuum—ideology—is the very worst sort of religion… After observing yet another protest march the other day I became interested in how similar to religion ideologies are. The ideology could be left wing or right wing, North, South, East or West wing. It matters [...]

The Case for Jesus: The Evidence of the Gospels

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Attending Bob Jones University made me skeptical of fundamentalists. Attending Oxford University made me skeptical of liberals. I came to question the Bob Jonesers’ young-earth creationism and their Biblical literalism, but at Oxford I learned to question the assumptions (and therefore the conclusions) of the liberals’ Biblical criticism, their doubt about the historical Jesus [...]

Can Atheists Claim the Intellectual High Ground?

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Many atheists are assured of the truth of their position, arguing that religious beliefs are merely blind faith at best and stupidity at worst. As Richard Dawkins writes, “Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is the belief in spite of, even perhaps because [...]

The Ubiquitous Trinity

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Many months ago I wrote an essay for The Imaginative Conservative entitled “The Mysteries of Atheism” in which I highlighted the mysterious trinity which all atheists acknowledge, albeit without knowing it; or, to be precise, the two trinities that they unknowingly acknowledge, namely, the trinity of space and the trinity of time. I pointed out [...]

American Atheistic Materialism: A Creed of Despair?

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From American Atheistic Materialism…Good Lord Deliver Us. And the plea is appropriate because prayers for deliverance are a kind of exorcism, and if any society needs exorcism it is the American Atheistic Materialistic society. Pope St. John Paul II said there were two atheistic materialistic societies: Communist Russia and the Unrestrained Capitalism of America. [...]

Watching the World Burn

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You have opened this page on your web browser. Now you’ve got to close it. Find your shoelaces and start untying. I want you to take off your shoes. Moses approached the burning bush, the bush ablaze with God, and he took off his sandals. For St. Francis, the whole world was a burning bush [...]