Not as the World Gives: The Way of Creative Justice

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In a book on Catholic social doctrine, published just after Easter, I found myself integrating a lifetime’s work on a range of topics, from liturgy to politics, from sex to economics. Not As the World Gives aims to show us the nature of society by showing us ourselves. But that is the biggest reality [...]


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From my wheelchair I noticed that there was only one letter different between these two words—the word for the study of cancer, and for the study of being. That posed me a challenge. What is this difference? What is cancer, and what is being? Why is there no “Ontology Ward” in my local hospital? [...]

Archetypes: Masculine and Feminine

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In his famous press conference on the plane coming back from Rio, Pope Francis called for a more profound theology of woman–he even used the word “mystical”. For what he might mean, see “Sincere Gift”, and also Paul Evdokimov’s Woman and the Salvation of the World: A Christian Anthropology on the Charisms of Women. One of the [...]

G.K. Chesterton and Modernity

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I’m pretty sure G.K. Chesterton is in heaven, and therefore a saint—or at least I hope so, since this gives much hope to the rest of us. But, of course, he is not officially canonized. The campaign to introduce his Cause (if not the Cause itself) is underway. The appropriate bishop in Northampton diocese, [...]

Out of the Liquid City

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During the infamous Brixton Riots of 1981—clashes between the police and the African-Caribbean community in south London—I was driving back to my parents’ house at night and got lost in the fog. I found myself faced with a dramatic scene: the fog illuminated by fire, as the rioters overturned cars and set them alight. [...]

The Heart of Wisdom

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There is a book that caught my attention and may well hold it to the end of my life. Written by an English hermit—Priest-Monk Silouan, a convert to Orthodoxy now living in a retreat on the Shropshire hills—Wisdom Songs is a collection of “Centuries”, chapters of a hundred meditations each, on a series of [...]

The Family at the Heart of a Culture of Life

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The bonds between the Church, the Holy Family, and the “domestic church” founded on the sacrament of marriage are intimate and profound. In a host of formal and informal pronouncements and teachings, Pope John Paul II consistently underlined the central importance of the family as the basic cell of human society, and sacramental marriage as the sole foundation on [...]

Trinity and Society: Economics & the Search for a “New Way”

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The theological dimension is needed both for interpreting and solving present-day problems in human society. – John Paul II, Centesimus Annus, 55 God Himself is a society. – G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy, Ch. 8 First Principles How radical can we be? Dare we begin, as Chesterton once did, “with a little girl’s hair”? In What’s Wrong with [...]

How We Know

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This is a golden age of scientific discovery. Nevertheless, the most basic things about ourselves remain a mystery. What is consciousness, for example? It is clearly correlated with processes happening in the brain, but that’s not what I mean. What is it, in the sense of what is it made of? It obviously isn’t made [...]

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