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Fr. Dwight Longenecker is Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative. A graduate of Oxford University, he is the Pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Church, in Greenville, SC, and author of sixteen books including The Romance of Religion, The Quest for the Creed, and Mystery of the Magi: The Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men. He contributes to many magazines, papers, and journals, including National Catholic Register, St Austin Review, Catholic Digest, and Intercollegiate Review. Visit his blog, listen to his podcasts, browse his books, and be in touch at dwightlongenecker.com.

Four Good Non-Christian Books by Christian Authors

By |2018-05-27T12:41:47-05:00May 25th, 2018|Categories: Books, Christianity, Culture, Dwight Longenecker, Fiction, Literature, Senior Contributors|

C.S. Lewis once observed that we don’t need more Christian books, we need more Christian writers. In other words, people of faith who have the gift should write not just worthy books on prayer. They should write novels and children’s stories and cookbooks and travel books, fantasy, fiction, poetry, and drama. His point was [...]

Modern America: A Disneyland Dystopia

By |2018-05-18T12:15:40-05:00May 14th, 2018|Categories: C.S. Lewis, Culture, Death, Dwight Longenecker, Dystopia|

In modern America, all the dystopian horrors exist hand-in-hand with what seems like one perpetual theme-park existence. The war, torture, abortions, castrations, murders, suicides, drug addiction, homelessness, and medical horrors reside side-by-side with the smiling face of America, where everyone has perfect teeth and waves out a cheerful, “Have a nice day!”… Having just [...]

New Blood in New Books

By |2019-01-23T12:59:57-05:00April 28th, 2018|Categories: Books, Culture, Dwight Longenecker, Literature|

Books bequeath a poetic knowledge that human beings simply cannot obtain in any other way. As long as souls long for the preservation of wisdom, for a shared conversation that spans time and place, we will have books… Joshua Hren is an Assistant Director of the Honors College at Belmont Abbey and Editor-in-Chief of [...]

Movies, Myth, and History

By |2018-04-21T22:19:35-05:00April 21st, 2018|Categories: Books, Christianity, Culture, Dwight Longenecker, Film, Gospel Reflection, History, Myth|

What shall we make of filmmakers who twist history for propaganda purposes? In an extreme way, they are doing what all historians do: They are not only recording history, they are also interpreting it—and can history be done without interpreting the facts?… Some time ago I watched a fascinating documentary on the assassination of [...]

Francis Under Fire: Lawler and Douthat Critique the Pope

By |2018-04-13T15:50:55-05:00April 7th, 2018|Categories: Books, Catholicism, Christianity, Dwight Longenecker, Liberal, Liberalism, Pope Francis|

Two conservative authors have assessed Pope Francis’ pontificate with devastating results… Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock by Philip Lawler (256 pages, Gateway Editions, 2018) To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism by Ross Douthat (256 pages, Simon & Schuster, 2018) Five years into his papacy and poor Pope Francis [...]

The Reality of the Resurrection

By |2019-04-16T16:05:01-05:00March 31st, 2018|Categories: Catholicism, Christianity, Dwight Longenecker, Gospel Reflection, Philosophy|

Too often we Christians have given in to the temptation to sanitize the crucifixion and sentimentalize the resurrection. But the resurrection was not, at first, a cause for rejoicing, but the source of fear—soul-shaking, knee-knocking, heart-pounding, earth-quaking fear… One of the good things about Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ is the gore. He [...]

The Killing of the American White Male

By |2019-03-05T14:30:46-05:00March 25th, 2018|Categories: Christianity, Culture, Death, Dwight Longenecker, Faith, Family|

Why are so many American white men killing themselves and others? And what’s to be done about this phenomenon?… Not long ago I was traveling back from a speaking engagement when I pulled into a Waffle House for breakfast. Waffle House is usually populated by working-class men at that time of morning, and this [...]

A Pope, a President, and Providence

By |2018-03-03T23:42:33-05:00March 3rd, 2018|Categories: Books, Catholicism, Christianity, Dwight Longenecker, Ronald Reagan, St. John Paul II|

God’s way of working in the world is full of seeming coincidences, plot twists, and unexpected jolts. Ronald Reagan’s election at an advanced age could not have been predicted, neither could have the sudden death of Pope John Paul I, which thrust the young pope from Poland onto the world stage. Most dramatic, however, was [...]

Pope Francis and the Caring Society

By |2018-02-17T21:57:13-05:00February 17th, 2018|Categories: Books, Capitalism, Catholicism, Christianity, Dwight Longenecker, Economics, Pope Francis|

A critique of American materialism is extraordinarily challenging, as it is cloaked in a heresy that is subtle, smooth, and sweet. The problem is that the Pope is not really up to such a challenging challenge… Pope Francis and the Caring Society edited by Robert M. Whaples (256 pages, Independent Institute, 2017) It is [...]

Is the Vatican Flirting With Communism?

By |2018-02-10T23:03:24-05:00February 10th, 2018|Categories: Catholicism, Christianity, Communism, Dwight Longenecker, Politics, Religion|

Vatican diplomats are on the verge of a new relationship with China, and, moreover, about to make a deal with the communist state. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Rome is capitulating to an avowed atheistic enemy of religion… Taking advice from his boss, who encouraged everyone to “go out and make [...]

Why You Should Read and Write Poetry

By |2019-05-09T11:08:26-05:00January 25th, 2018|Categories: Beauty, Dwight Longenecker, Imagination, Poetry|

In this dull utilitarian age, there seems little less useful than poetry. What good is it? There are few who get rich writing or publishing poetry, and when it comes to practicality, it is practically good for nothing. On second consideration, however, reading and writing poetry is extremely practical, and because our techno-utilitarian age [...]

My Random, Bold Predictions for 2018

By |2018-01-04T16:59:45-05:00January 3rd, 2018|Categories: Christianity, Civil Society, Conservatism, Culture, Donald Trump, Dwight Longenecker, Europe, Islam, Politics, Pope Francis, Sexuality|

Let it be known that I am not a prophet, and I will quite happily eat crow, eat my hat, eat my words… eat whatever is necessary when my prognostications prove preposterous and my prophecies prove to be not prophetic, but pathetic. Nevertheless, with my finger to the wind and my squinty eye on [...]