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Paul Krause is Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative. He holds an M.A. in Theology from Yale University's Divinity School and a B.A. in Economics, History, and Philosophy from Baldwin Wallace University. He is also an Associate Editor at VoegelinView.

Our Enemy: The (Imperial) Presidency

By |2019-04-07T17:41:30-05:00November 5th, 2018|Categories: Books, Civil Society, Democracy, Featured, Federalism, Government, Libertarianism, New Deal, Paul Krause, Presidency, Senior Contributors|

Many Americans fear the dysfunction in Congress and the rise of an “activist” Supreme Court. Both worries are misplaced, at least in relationship to the larger problem at hand: the growth of presidential imperialism… Albert Jay Nock Albert Jay Nock was an important literary and social critic of the first-half of the twentieth [...]

Homer’s Epic of the Family

By |2018-10-17T10:47:08-05:00October 16th, 2018|Categories: Books, Great Books, Homer, Iliad, Odyssey, Paul Krause, Senior Contributors, Virtue, Wisdom|

This is the ultimate message of Homer’s two epics: Where family is found, life is found; where family is found, true beauty is found; where family is found, piety is found; where family is dissolved, only death and destruction follows... The Trojan War, for our Homeric heroes, begins with marital infidelity and succumbing to temptation, [...]

Eating Alone: Aristotle and the Culture of the Meal

By |2018-10-05T12:17:36-05:00October 3rd, 2018|Categories: Aristotle, Christian Living, Civilization, Family, Friendship, Paul Krause, Senior Contributors, Tradition|

Aristotle identified man’s eating habits as one of the cornerstones of civilization—one of two activities that highlighted the nature of man’s exquisiteness (and barbarousness). The importance of eating to the human condition should be self-evident to everyone. But what is the big deal about eating as it emanates from religion, the ancient philosophers, and the traditional way of life? [...]

Christianity and the Radical Transformation of Culture

By |2018-11-05T01:09:52-05:00September 29th, 2018|Categories: Christianity, Civil Society, Culture, Paul Krause|

Man is not a body of mass in motion with the aim of peaceable consumption as modern anthropology suggests. Man does not live on bread alone; man is, as the ancients knew, a social animal. However, the great revelation of Christian anthropology is that man is also a cultural animal. Culture, rooted in the Latin word cultus, [...]

Modern vs. Authentic Humanism

By |2018-11-05T01:07:32-05:00September 22nd, 2018|Categories: Christian Humanism, Christian Living, Erasmus, Paul Krause|

I am a humanist, but not that kind of humanist. Humanism is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days—but like most terms that once had a strong philosophical foundation, humanism has been so thoroughly detached from its philosophical substance it is another empty term in public consciousness. That said, it is an important concept and [...]

Civilization and Its Enemies

By |2018-11-05T01:03:31-05:00September 7th, 2018|Categories: Christianity, Civilization, Culture, Islam, Paul Krause, Religion, Western Civilization|

The attack against Western civilization is, in some way, an attack against the Body of Christ. And Christians need to understand that... What is civilization and why is it important? Civilization is many things, but at its heart, it is both the inheritance of societal ideas, customs, and traditions which inform the body, and it is [...]

In Defense of the Humanities

By |2019-03-11T14:08:22-05:00July 10th, 2018|Categories: Beauty, Culture, Great Books, Humanities, Literature, Paul Krause|

Any talk of saving culture, or restoring culture, begins with a defense of the humanities. Any hope of cultural revival equally begins with a re-emergence of the humanities. Any hope to truly celebrate—though not uncritically—the human person rests with being drenched in the dewfall of the humanities… There is a major revolution occurring in [...]

The Feminist War on Science

By |2018-11-05T00:51:28-05:00April 20th, 2018|Categories: Feminism, Paul Krause, Science, Truth|

Feminists conclude that human biology must be transcended in order for women to be free—indeed, that there needs to be a wholesale revolution against biology and human nature itself if women are ever to be free... “In This House, We Believe: Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, No Human Is Illegal, Science Is Real, [...]

Jeremiah and the Reclamation of the West

By |2019-01-29T11:14:09-05:00January 6th, 2018|Categories: Christianity, Culture, Featured, Paul Krause, Philosophy, Western Civilization|

Liberalism comes to us with a devilish smile, quietly seeking the abolition of our traditions, communities, history, identity, and ways of life. Rather than follow the path of “progress” into oblivion, we should heed Jeremiah’s call to seek repentance and a return to our roots and traditions, the only true points of reference and [...]

Virtue and the City

By |2018-06-08T11:29:31-05:00October 26th, 2017|Categories: Cicero, Featured, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Politics, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Virtue|

To attain virtue in solitude defeats the communitarian instincts of human nature. The avenue of politics is one of the mediums by which moral excellence can, and should, be practiced—for there are tremendous benefits wrought to the rest of society as a result… “We see that every city is some sort of community, and [...]

Augustine: A Saint for Eternity

By |2019-05-14T13:56:25-05:00August 27th, 2017|Categories: Aeneid, Catholicism, Civilization, Modernity, Paul Krause, Plutarch, Sainthood, St. Augustine, Thucydides, War|

Augustine passed on to us, and all posterity, prescient words of wisdom: that even in the most disconcerting and dark of times, beauty, compassion, truth, love, and happiness abound… When the Visigoths sacked Rome in 410, the city that had taken the world captive had fallen into captivity. The event was a transformative moment [...]