Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner, the Nazis, and Christianity

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Richard Wagner’s legacy has been overshadowed, and some would say permanently marred, by the manner in which he became the poster child of Hitler’s grotesque Third Reich. Yet should we condemn his music for this reason?… Nice to see your music selections. But Wagner, your favorite composer! Say it ain’t so, Joe! The above-quoted [...]

Overture: Christopher Columbus

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Editor's Note: The twenty-two-year-old Richard Wagner composed this dramatic overture as part of the incidental music for a play about the explorer, written by the composer's friend, Guido Theodore Apel. Wagner also wrote a chorus and orchestral epilogue for the play, but these have been lost. At its premier the music “astonished everyone and was [...]

From the Sacred to the Profane: More Music for My Desert Island

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In truth, much of my favourite music is not sacred but profane, insofar as it is not overtly religious or in the least liturgical; and yet these profane favourites are certainly sublime, reflecting the goodness, truth and beauty of Creation, the harmony of the cosmos and the music of the spheres… Several months ago [...]

Immortal Beloved: Musical Love Letters from the Great Composers

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Love has inspired countless composers, some of whom have written pieces dedicated to, or directly inspired by, their own beloveds. Here are ten of the best musical love letters ever composed... The Wagners' villa at Tribschen. "Wherever I turn outside my house I am in the midst of a magic world," Richard Wagner wrote. "I [...]