Suicide and Secularism on a Wednesday Afternoon

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How much of one’s desperation comes from apparently having it all, according to the precepts of secular humanism—the great false religion of our time—and yet having nothing at all to get through an ordinary Wednesday afternoon? Growing up in a small Montana town the 1980s—no stop lights, no fast food, plenty of guns—I was [...]

Uncle Sam’s Good Servant But God’s First

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In order to truly serve their nation, true Americans must fearlessly criticize her for her waywardness. More importantly, we must evangelize her, bringing her to the fullness of faith in the God under Whom she owes her existence. Only when America kneels before her true God will she become truly civilized… One of the [...]

The Opioid Crisis: A Spiritual Solution

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The abuse of opioids, like other addictions, stems from a profound spiritual problem deep inside the souls of countless Americans. But when people turn to the sublimity of heavenly things, they acquire the ability to overcome their frenetic appetites and look for spiritual solutions… An opioid crisis is devastating America. Every day, more than [...]

The Reformation & the Secularization of America

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The “separation of church and state” was intended in part to prevent the sorts of religious conflicts that had racked Europe in previous centuries. Nevertheless, it was only a matter of time before the ambiguity of this figure of speech would be exploited… During her confirmation hearing last September, Notre Dame law professor, Amy Coney [...]

The Hollywood Scandals: A Problem of Male Dominance?

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A rotten culture that has long taught men that “everything goes” is now turning on those who pursued this norm with great passion… The spectacular fall of Harvey Weinstein represents more than just the rejection of the appalling behavior of a Hollywood mogul. Rather, it is the unsurprising confirmation that Hollywood is rotten. The [...]

Should Religious Symbols Be Banned on Public Lands?

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The Supreme Court’s decisions on “public displays” of religion have not been as categorical as its decisions on, for instance, school prayer… Is a long-standing commemorative cross on public land socially divisive and a governmental endorsement of religion? Or, to the contrary, is a constitutional challenge to that cross an act of gratuitous social divisiveness? Recently, [...]

The Secret Battle of Ideas About God

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The Secret Battle of Ideas about God asks five simple questions that cut to the heart of what it means to be human: Am I loved? Why do I hurt? Does my life have meaning? Why can’t we just get along? Is there any hope for the world?… The Secret Battle of Ideas about God: Overcoming [...]

What the Boy Scouts & the #Metoo Hashtag Have in Common

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Both the Boy Scouts of America announcement and the #metoo phenomenon indicate a cultural problem: We have difficulty understanding the role distinctions play in our interactions with one another… “The most portentous general event of our time is the steady obliteration of those distinctions which create society.”[1] Richard Weaver penned these words in his 1948 [...]

Fearing Dreher: What Many Critics Ignore About the Benedict Option

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Even those critics friendly to Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option have failed to take its implications seriously, likely because they are afraid to take the concrete steps he suggests to preserve their Christian way of life in this country… Does the United States need Christianity or at least the conventional morality based on Christianity? Until [...]

Right or Left: Who Presents the Greater Threat to Islam?

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One of the more popular themes dominating media and social media in the last week have been fears that America’s multicultural project will be reversed, and exhibited by increased prejudice and discrimination against racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. One protester in Chicago told The Washington Post: “It’s a bad time to be a Muslim [...]

President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future

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“Imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under one God, saluting one American flag.” —Donald J. Trump So on Monday morning, I posted a video on my YouTube channel predicting a Trump win on Tuesday, November 8. I saw the victory coming from three vantage points, two [...]

Is Secularism the Answer to the Islamization of Europe?

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It’s always refreshing to read essays these days that are intelligent and genuinely engaging, principally because such essays are becoming fewer and farther between. One such, which I enjoyed reading even though I ultimately disagreed with it, was Paul Berman’s “Why the French Ban the Veil: The Secular Republic Debates How Best to Contain and [...]

How the Federal Government Promotes the Hookup Culture

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I have now sat through my mandatory Title IX training, which is to say I spent ninety minutes in an Orwellian swamp of doublespeak, barely hidden bigotry, and will to power, decreed by the Obama Administration and enthusiastically carried out by a combination of mid-level administrators and high-paid legal “experts.” For those of you blissfully [...]