Yes, Let’s Talk about Religion & Politics

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It is sometimes said that religion and politics are the two topics that should not be discussed in polite company. The result is that nothing of importance is ever discussed, reducing the conversation of “polite company” to the level of the banal, at best, or to the level of gossip, at worst. And yet [...]

Materialism: The False God of Modern Science

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Trained to believe that every object as well as every act in the universe is matter, an aspect of matter, or produced by matter—that is, schooled to be a materialist—I scoffed at the two fellow students of mine in graduate school who regularly attended church. For me, at that time, the brain was the mind [...]

Born That Way? The Evolution of Humanity, Sex, & Gender

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Nothing is so senseless that some person will not profess it. To cling to the greatest absurdities, indeed, has customarily been reserved for those with higher degrees in education. But today, the common man can believe in the most ridiculous things too, for he has been convinced of his great knowledge by the self-esteem lessons he has [...]

The Reasonableness of Believing in God

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A few days before Christmas, in anticipation of Christian’s celebration of God’s incarnation, the Wall Street Journal published an article by Ricky Gervais, a British writer, actor and comedian, entitled “Why I Do Not Believe in God”, which can be found here. Though not academic, Gervais’ article offers his sincere reflection on the question [...]

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