Why Young Readers Need Real Books

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If we want to raise children who can hold a conversation, they need actual people with whom to converse. Likewise, if we want to raise readers, they need, more than anything else, real and worthy books to read… A young lady I know won a Kindle in an academic contest. She is a voracious reader. [...]

My New Year’s Resolution: Keep Sundays Internet-Free

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An Internet-free Sunday honors the Sabbath and allows us to leave our daily rat-race for at least one day, to ponder and prepare for the week ahead. It is a perfect occasion to visit and converse with others… Last year, I made a New Year’s resolution that I would make my Sundays Internet-free. It [...]

Smartest Students in America?

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The students of our college talk to each other without electronic distraction, they look adults in the eye, they laugh often and easily, they exercise wit without reflexive cynicism, they love dancing and singing and playing instruments; they love the classics and the outdoors… When Wyoming Catholic College admitted its first students ten years [...]

The Glorious Inefficiency of Local Bookstores

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The point of going to the bookstore is to experience its glorious inefficiency, its Romantic signaling of something transcendent, its countercultural cultivation of quietude and dignity… Our family lives in the kind of town most people only see in fiction: an archetypal, small, Midwestern town of picket fences and blocks of mostly modest bungalows. [...]

What Has Facebook Done to Political Discourse?

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When Facebook came on the scene, I immediately saw this new online forum as a platform from which to express my opinion about current events like I did as a newspaper editorialist. It was all just so easy and convenient. Except for one thing… For about a decade before joining Facebook, I wrote weekly [...]

From Myths to Fact and Back Again

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A democratic society requires an informed base of voters making political judgments on the basis of commonly accepted information. When reliable authorities no longer hold sway, unscrupulous authoritarians can step in to fill the void… “We have a risk of getting to a place where we don’t have shared public facts. A republic will [...]

How Should Classical Schools Teach STEM?

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Trying to put science in a classical paradigm is putting new wine into old wineskins. Modern science just does not easily fit into a classical paradigm… STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math, is the newest acronym for what is considered a great education, and it often leads to a satisfying and financially rewarding [...]

How to Conquer the “Fear of Missing Out”

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Those who don’t want to miss out on an “urgent” text message or email must reorient their desires toward those spiritual goods found in the good, true, and beautiful… Everyone has seen it happen. Suddenly, in the middle of a conversation at an event, a person feels compelled to answer an “urgent” message, frequently [...]

The Blessings of Capitalism

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Capitalism offers us outstanding new ways to be good. As a civilization, we should concentrate on taking advantage of these remarkable opportunities rather than entertaining idle suggestions, born of intellectual confusion if not sloth and envy, that the great boon of capitalistic plenty is undesirable or an illusion… Around the year 1885, the American [...]

Three Reasons To Do an Internet Detox

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The important thing is to control technology since it becomes abusive when it starts controlling us. Thus, if email overload is causing concern, it is time to implement some version of detox. There is life beyond the Internet…. On January 1, 2017, I made a New Year’s resolution to make my Sundays Internet free. [...]

Our Post-Truth Society: Dooming Democracy?

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In the post-truth society, your facts are not my facts, and lies by political figures are greeted with indifference. Judged by past standards, citizens of a post-truth society have no real experience and no capacity for critical thinking… We Americans have virtually no interest in history; for us, the past pales in comparison with [...]