Should Christians Romanticize the Middle Ages?

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Many Catholics treat the High Middle Ages as a veritable ideal of civilization. But the medieval period produced problematic ideas about aesthetics, eccentric theories of economics, and dangerous assumptions about politics. Over a decade ago a then-acquaintance of mine inquired as to my economic views, my response being that I was “a distributist by [...]

A People Without History: T.S. Eliot’s Critique of Evolutionary History

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While T.S. Eliot never made any comments critical of Charles Darwin or his theory of the evolution of species, he was quite critical of various popularized versions of Darwin’s theory that exaggerated its explanatory power and extrapolated from it into metaphysical, moral, historical, and socio-political spheres where, in his view, it had no authority. [...]

Ballade of Modest Confession

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My reading is extremely deep and wide; And as our modern education goes— Unique I think, and skilfully applied To Art and Industry and Autres Choses Through many years of scholarly repose. But there is one thing where I disappoint My numerous admirers (and my foes). Painting on Vellum is my weakest point. [...]

Merrie England: Hilaire Belloc in the South Country

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Editor’s Note: This essay is a chapter in the soon-to-be-released Merrie England: A Journey Through the Shire by Joseph Pearce (TAN Books, June 20, 2016), and is published here exclusively by gracious permission of the author. The great hills of the South Country They stand along the sea; And it’s there walking in the high woods That I [...]

“Remembering Belloc”: Prolific, Versatile, & Controversial Author

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Considering the unjustified neglect of Hilaire Belloc and the more recent renewal of interest, Fr. James Schall’s book, “Remembering Belloc,” which remembers the man and his genius, is most welcome. Remembering Belloc by James V. Schall, S.J. (192 pages, St. Augustine’s Press,  2013) […]

What is Multiculturalism and Should We Embrace It?

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Multiculturalism is a thorny topic. It is also a topic on which any truly rational discussion is very difficult. The problem is that many people equate criticism of multiculturalism with racism. Since nobody wants to be accused of racism (quite rightly), it is easier and safer to avoid talking about anything that might get [...]

Outside is the Night Infernal

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One thing in this world is different from all other. It has a personality and a force. It is recognised, and (when recognised) most violently loved or hated.  It is the Catholic Church. Within that household the human spirit has roof and hearth. Outside it, is the Night. —Essays of a Catholic by Hilaire Belloc (1931). [...]

Top Ten Books for My Desert Island

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G.K. Chesterton was once asked what he would most like to have with him if he found himself marooned on a desert island. He replied, somewhat whimsically, that he’d like to have a book on practical shipbuilding. In this, if not in too much else, I’d like to beg to differ with the great [...]

Thomas Storck: Historian and Prophet

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A review of From Christendom to Americanism and Beyond by Thomas Storck (Angelico Press, 2015) Thomas Storck is a well-connected man. Indeed there are very few men who are better connected. I don’t mean that he is well-connected in the sense that the world normally thinks of it. He does not have lots of [...]

Hilaire Belloc and His World

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A friend of Christendom and of civilization in an age of decadence and barbarism, Hilaire Belloc thundered against the heresies of his age and defied the storms of war and secularism. Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953) is not as well-known as he and his talent deserve. From the last years of the reign of Queen Victoria [...]


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Do you remember an Inn, Miranda? Do you remember an Inn? And the tedding and the spreading Of the straw for a bedding, And the fleas that tease in the High Pyrenees, And the wine that tasted of tar? And the cheers and the jeers of the young muleteers (Under the vine of the [...]

The English Way of Humanism

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A forgotten book is always a tragedy, but a found book is always a treasure. Well, something like this. (It is probably a good thing I never worked for Hallmark!) Yet, I hope you take my intended sentiment. There exist exceptions, of course. A book of dark magic or of fascism is best left [...]

Great Works of the Catholic Revival

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It is often forgotten that the Catholic presence in England is older than England itself. From the martyrdom of St. Alban in the early fourth century, under the Roman occupation, the land has been blessed with a host of Catholic saints. After the Romans left the land that they called Albion, a faithful remnant [...]

Recommended Reading for the Catacombs

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On my many travels giving talks on topics related to Christian literature, I am often asked why the Christian Literary Revival of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has come to an end. Why are there no writers of the caliber of Newman, Hopkins, Chesterton, Belloc, Eliot, Greene, Waugh, Tolkien or Lewis today? Or, to cross [...]

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