Tolkien’s Tea Club

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Through the Tea Club he formed with his young classmates, J.R.R. Tolkien felt his first comradery among friends dedicated to something higher than themselves… Long before Tolkien began his own personal mythology, he had already lived a rather full life. Joy as well as tragedy had filled it. His father had passed away while [...]

C.S. Lewis & Friends

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Friendship, or philia, is one of the “loves” that C.S. Lewis elucidates and celebrates in his book, The Four Loves, the others being familial love (storge), sexual love (eros) and Divine love (caritas or agape). Although not the greatest or highest of the loves, Lewis saw friendship as the noble coming together of those [...]

Jane Austen’s Love & Friendship

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For all whom we love and value, for every friend and connection, we equally pray; however divided and far asunder, we know that we are alike before Thee and under Thine eye. May we be equally united in Thy faith and fear, in fervent devotion towards Thee, and in Thy merciful protection this night. —from [...]

C.S. Lewis & “Zulu” Campbell: The Best of Friends and Enemies

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In this third and final essay about the relationship between C. S. Lewis and Roy Campbell, the “bearded poet” whom Lewis lampoons in The Pilgrim’s Regress, we will chart their troubled and mercurial relationship, which lurched, sometimes violently, between enmity and friendship. In the period between their initial meeting in Oxford as undergraduates at [...]

Bake This Bread, and Break This Bread

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Some people like cooking. Others don’t—indeed, some would be happy to guzzle Soylent and throw the whole cooking thing out the window. Yet many of us, as we grow older, become responsible for others: children, friends, and family members who may come over for dinner or who may live with us. Cooking isn’t a [...]

A Story of Friendship: Star Trek and A Wagon Train to the Stars

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As young children, my older brother and I watched the original Star Trek series on Saturday mornings. We were not big TV watchers as a family, but Star Trek was special. To make it even better, it was the local PBS that aired Star Trek, presenting it free of all commercials. Every Saturday, Todd [...]

Can We Be Friends? Spirit, Duty, & Our Canine Companions

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Willing Dogs and Reluctant Masters: On Friendship and Dogs,by Gary Borjesson (250 pages, Paul Dry Books, 2012) I loved it, but my credentials for reviewing it are even better than that: I don’t like dogs. They slobber, shed and speak not a word of English—none of which facts is denied in this account of friendship [...]

Shipping Charge

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That “friend” is now so widely verbified Online (I friended someone new just now) Calls friendship into some degree of question Does it not? Perhaps “that ship has sailed”? And does this not imply a shipping charge If ship is also verb instead of noun? But even online friends who seem asea There being [...]

The Things of Friends Are Common

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Christopher B. Nelso Welcome to the Class of 2013 [this is a Convocation Address delivered in 2009 at St. John’s College, Ed.] and to your families. To the rest of our college community, welcome back. Welcome, friends all! I came to a rather startling realization over the summer as I was preparing to greet [...]

Friendship & New Englanders

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Most of us learn about friendship from our families, just as we learn about everything else worth knowing from our families. Mine is an old New England family, farmers and preachers and doctors and lawyers, and tradesmen, not many in commerce. Nobody up to my generation was ever rich, nobody particularly poor, so there [...]